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REHABILITATION @ £50 to £300 per calendar month

We are able to offer fully supported rehabilitation packages covering numerous specialist care needs.

Hoof & lower limb pathologies,  gut health and pathogen / tick borne disease, back / muscle issues, laminitis, PSSM etc

We utilise our own knowledge, training & experience to offer a variety of therapy tools (ice / water / magnetic / ceramic/ photonic light, trimming, hoof boot fitting & hoof preparations, controlled exercise etc)

We have a great team of outside professionals on call from a vet, master farrier, other barefoot trimmers, veterinary physiotherapist and the additional benefit of holistic complementary therapies such as ARC, NES, Photizo, Emmett, Kinesiology & Homeopathy, Zoopharmacognosy.

We also use R+ training in conjunction with therapies to assist recovery from ingrained behavioural responses to chronic pain, helping your horse recover fully both physically and mentally
These services are available to all liveries on an as needed basis.



This is the additional service package for young horses pre- backing and is also suitable for horses of any age in need of help with handling. 

This service is designed to teach your horse all the skills they will need in adult life to ensure they are safe and easy to handle. These lessons are taught in short sessions using shaping and positive reinforcement to make the learning experience easy and rewarding. 

We can cover a myriad of crucial skills including, but not restricted to; leading, ground tying, tying up, working alone, all over handling, feet handling, loading and travelling, vet and dentist prep, introduction to boots, bandages and rugs, walking out and road sense, plus habituation to novel objects.

The idea is to produce a confident and easy to handle horse who is well prepared for adult life and the pre-backing work

The cost is an additional £150 per calendar month on top of your livery fee.



This is the additional service package that covers all of the training to produce a horse to ride, delivered force free to set your horse up for life

Starting - We begin with the pre- backing prep work, which includes acceptance of tack, in-hand schooling to include lunging, long lining, classical in hand exercises and polework, in-hand hacking etc.
Then when the horse is physically and mentally ready we run through the backing process.
Finally we calmly expand their knowledge and experience so that when they are ready to return home we aim to have produced a horse that can be schooled in walk, trot and (if balanced enough) canter, pop small fences and can confidently hack out alone and in company.

The cost of this service is £300 per month, plus standard livery fee and the minimum term is three months

SCHOOLING & EXERCISING - £50 to £300 pcm


We are able to offer re-starting and schooling / exercise packages for the more established horse and can work through any previously experienced issues in calm, force free and effective ways that your horse will look forward to experiencing.

This is tailored to your exact requirements depending on your horse's needs

Horses can be trained bitless or dual bitted / bitless and all work is carried out using shaping and reward. 

From flatwork and dressage schooling to polework and jumping or teaching your horse to be enjoy going out and about hacking - all can be taught in hand or ridden as required

Depending on the amount and frequency of lessons required these services cost between £50 and £300 per month in addition to your livery package



Larri is able to offer lessons in both classical in-hand work and riding, plus exercise and school horses if you are unable to, or assist with behavioural / handling issues for clients.


Both bitted and bitless horses can be worked with. Larri can assist you to transition if required and demo bitless Transcend bridles are held in stock.

In ridden lessons everything from the basics of rider position, use of the seat and weight aids, correct contact and timing can be covered. Larri can show you how beneficial polework can be and help you to work up through to riding lateral work to increase suppleness and engagement. This flatwork can improve all horses way of going - it's not just for dressage horses.

A secure effective rider is a more confident one! Larri can help you to  re-discover your confidence and love of riding in ways that will have you making progress safely.

We can also introduce you to in-hand work, assisting you to teach your horse to bend and move away from or into cues, work on contact, improve fitness and flexibility using lunge, long lines and close in-hand classical work. This will also improve your horses way of going under saddle.

We are also able to show you how a more mindful way of working, including shaping and positive reinforcement, can be used to work through handling issues - being difficult to lead, won't stand still to be mounted etc.

Larri is available to teach workshops on different training methods and can help you to understand how -R / +R work and how we can use them effectively for liberty, work and play.

Lesson / Riding charge is £25 per hour, plus travel, with a discount for groups of two or more sharing. Please contact us directly if you are interested in a bitless bridle demo or workshop.


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Our new website is under construction - unfortunately  we are unable to alter the content of some pages, so information regarding pricing and services is out of date. Please message for further details.

Here at Horse Haven we offer a completely unique and fully holistic approach to whole horse health, welfare, care and training.

Barefoot natural herd living on a full livery basis on our hybrid Track / Equicentral system at our beautiful holding in the idyllic Aeron Valley in rural mid-west Wales.

We believe we are unique in the depth of our knowledge, experience and ability to offer completely bespoke care to improve mental and emotional wellbeing as well as physical health and welfare.

The perfect environment for all horses young and old, but of particular benefit for horses with physical, behavioural or metabolic issues

Experienced in the rehabilitation and management of horses with hoof pathologies, back & lower limb strains and injuries, gut health issues / ulcers, Laminitis, EMS, Lyme disease, PSSM, PPID.

We can provide a variety of training packages all delivered force and fear free under LIMA principles by a knowledgable trainer and instructor who has studied and has many years experience in Applied Equine Behaviour

Emmett for Horses therapy is both practiced and taught here.

Set up to promote and provide quality barefoot care, offering fully supported barefoot transition assistance if required


Bitless training and transitions to bitless a speciality.

Despite the acreage available, herd numbers are kept deliberately very small to ensure that all horses receive the same love, care and attention that our own horses do - no horse is treated differently here, they all become part of our four legged family.

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