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Sue Thomas

Owner of Transcend Bitless Bridles

Larri Davison-Bowes, a fabulous horsewoman, trainer, all round lovely person, who speaks up for horses. I am proud that Larri is a trainer for Transcend, always helpful, always kind. 

Tony Sherry

Senior Emmett Instructor and Practitioner

Horse Haven run by Larri Davison-Bowes is a unique environment set in a beautiful part of Wales. Larri's hard work, passion and dedication to the horses in her care is very clear to see.

The horses are wonderful teachers who help me at every opportunity to demonstrate how effective the Emmett Technique works on them and give my students an amazing experience. The changes we have been able to make to both the horses and students has been wonderful to be a part of. 

Thank you Larri for opening your door and making me feel so welcome.

Trudi Dempsey

Current Livery - Chapiro & Moralejo

The ONLY person I would trust my boys with is Larri!

Judith Johnson

Emmett Practitioner - previous student

I feel so privileged to have been learning EMMETT for Horses at Larri Davison-Bowes’ wonderful Horse Haven Wales. This was my first ever experience of being in the same space as horses - let alone helping them overcome a range of issues. It was all made so much easier by being in beautiful and natural surroundings, with the horses being able to be themselves. 
Learning in a group with such amazing women was fantastic and with the lovely Tony Sherry as our Instructor we have enjoyed watching the changes in the horses’ reaction as well as in our own personal development.
Thank you Larri for creating such a wonderful and welcoming space for all of us

Kerrie Jones

Freelance Client, Owner of Dusty

Larri is an excellent trainer and instructor, she is kind, patient and understanding. She will break things down and explain them in a way you can understand. She actually takes the the time to teach rather than tell and brings out confidence in both horse and rider.

Her prime goal is to make sure that your horse is happy and consenting at all times, she does not advocate using fear based training or forcing a horse to perform and works with whatever the horse has to offer on any particular day.

So whether your looking for help with groundwork, ridden work, positive reinforcement, and helping you develop a stronger bond with your horse, be you a beginner or someone who just wants to brush up on your skills Larri is definitely your go to woman.

Take a visit to horse haven, meet Larri, meet the horses, they are evidence enough of Larri's skill, expertise and dedication.

Penny Jenkins

Freelance Client, hoof care and handling

It is my little herd that gives this unique caring service five stars.

Larri considers the individual needs of each pony in planning her interventions. Some of my ponies are semi feral and they appreciate the calm vibes that Larri has.

We look forward to her visits

Lorna Jones

Freelance Client - Scotty

I have known Larri for nearly two years and I can recommend her.

I had stopped riding my horse after a mountain bike accident. The inquiry meant that I was very fearful of doing further damage and so suffered from tight bum syndrome- poor horse felt like he had a sack of spuds on him! He was not going well and so I turned him out and had an expensive lawnmower!

Larri was perfect, she got me back on him very gently and brought him back into work- light work I am a happy hacker. She was my rider when I was under confident and she always looked holistically at mine and his needs.

Larri was great for me and her knowledge skills and confidence would be great for riders who want to do much more than I do.

Thanks Larri!

Helen King

Owner of Bonnie, Current Livery

Just a different world - if Carlsberg made yards ...

Everything is for the benefit of the horse, even in ways I hadn’t even thought of 

If only horses could choose their own yards and lifestyle, this is where they would all go 

Herd living doesn’t mean feral - with plenty of checks and lots of attention, Larri already has taken the time to ensure Bonnies needs are met, even if they happen to change, no attention to detail is too small for the lucky few who live here in peace and harmony in the Welsh Hills

Halla Cousins

Owner of Roxy and Arthur, current liveries

Finding Larri has been a godsend for me. 

When difficulties in my personal circumstances meant I couldn't look after Arthur and Roxy properly anymore I started to look for somewhere to keep them where they would be able to live out and have as much freedom as possible to make their own choices (eg about shelter) but still be properly checked and cared for. At first I looked for somewhere local to me but then I realised that it it didn't matter how near they were if I was still going to be worrying about what might be going on when I wasn't there. So I changed tack and started looking for the right person no matter where they were. When I found Larri I knew there couldn't be anyone better to look after my two lovely friends. She is everything I could wish for for them - knowledgeable, caring, calm, and dedicated - but above all she sees them and listens to them and they know it and trust her for it. When I visit I can see straight away how relaxed and confident they are, how at ease they are with the rest of the herd and around Larri. You can't fake that. That tells me more than any amount of talking. They respect her and listen when she asks them to do something but they know they are part of the conversation too. 

My mare and gelding have very different needs and characters. 

Roxy is gently rehabilitating after back problems and Larri has supported her brilliantly, offering sessions with the equilibrium massage pad (which Roxy has clearly found very soothing), organising treatment sessions with a chiropractor, finding a local bowen/emmett practitioner at my request, and now beginning some gentle longlining which Roxy is clearly enjoying. It's lovely seeing Roxy recovering the softness in her eyes and beginning to express the more playful aspects of her nature again.

My gelding Arthur is a different person entirely and all I can say is thank goodness Larri has a good sense of humour with all the mischief he gets up to! She has also worked patiently with him around foothandling and balance issues and I think he loves his sessions and is making steady progress. No farrier or trimmer, seeing him now with Larri, could describe him as a difficult horse (but they did once). He can also be quite an anxious soul and Larri gets him like few others do. She picks up the tiny warning signs that tell you when he's starting to get worried about something, just a little tension around the mouth or eyes that most people miss, but because Larri spots it she never asks for to much in one go and so Arthur becomes more and more confident to go a little further each time. 

I unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend Larri and Horse-Haven and I am so thankful that she arrived in our lives just when we needed her so desperately (she's our magical horsey Nanny McPhee!) If you are lucky enough to be able to get a place at Horse Haven then grab it - I reckon your horse will thank you for it!

Louise Mockford

Owner of Reno, current livery

I can highly recommend Larri to anyone who wants their horse to be looked after properly, but also with love and affection! I sent Reno on his winter holidays to Horse Haven because his happiness is paramount to me and while I am relocating and trying to buy land or find suitable livery, I wanted to make sure he was safe and happy so I didn't have to worry about him. I have known Larri for years and there wasn't anywhere else I would have considered sending him, even though it was a 4 hour drive to get him there!

As a horse 'professional' myself, with very strong principles on horse training and management, I wouldn't even consider sending my own horse away to anyone but Larri - we share those same principles!

I am missing my boy, but it is so important to me that he is happy and able to really be a horse in the herd. I just love hearing about his days and what he has been up to with his herd mates - that really does bring me joy . However, I do now have one major dilemma, which is finding somewhere else that Reno will be as happy and healthy as he is at Horse Haven when I finally work out how to get him home! 

Myra Ng

Owner of Linde, current livery

I did a lot of soul searching when deciding where to place an old broodmare for her retirement. I'd had too many bad experiences at training yards with my other horses who came back injured so was very anxious about placing a horse anywhere else.

I was lucky to come across Larri at Horse Haven. An initial conversation with Larri put me at ease. She is very knowledgeable and her set up looks like the perfect place for any horse. Completely natural herd living with plenty of  food, shelter and grazing and a holistic approach to horse care.... What more could any horse want? I'm ashamed to say my horses at home don't have such a lovely environment.. just look at the videos to see how happy the horses are playing and running together .

Linde has been with Larri for 3 years now and I have to say I have not had a sleepless night. I know Linde has the very best life anyone could offer a retired old lady. There are regular updates every month as well as being able to see what's happening on FB. Looking at the FB video's at how Larri starts youngsters off as well looks like the perfect beginning to any young horses education. I wish I had known about Larri before when my youngsters needed starting off .


I can highly recommend Horse Haven.. maybe should be called Horse Heaven!!

Kath Larcombe

Owner of Denys, freelance client - backing

Larri, just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you have done with my little Denys. I sat on him for the first time today and he was brilliant.stood at his mounting block like a rock.I'm one very happy owner. Thanks a million and you will be highly recommend by me!

Emma Christian

Prospective livery

Thank you so much for your time, and references. I spoke to so many different 'retirement' yards over the past weeks and yours seemed hands down the best, giving love and attention as well as a peaceful herd life. I wish that our circumstances had been different and Katy could have gotten to enjoy some of that.

Nicki Denton-Masih

Owner of Enzo, previous livery

I found Larri after some considerable time looking for the kind of place I wanted our youngster to grow up and learn in.  The website was clear and easy to navigate.  The facebook page reassured me that Larri knew what she was doing.  Larri was good to communicate with and responded promptly.  Everything has been dealt with efficiently and in a professional manner, which makes it easier for me!  Larri has updated me on my youngster's progress.  I'm looking forward to seeing him soon and seeing his improvements - but feel confident he is in capable hands whilst away.  

Wendy Nagle

Owner of Eclipse, current livery

I can't believe how lucky I've been to find such a perfect retirement home for eclipse. He had a very hard life before I had him and so he deserves every bit of pampering that Larri so generously provides. The set up is just perfect - freedom to be a horse in a herd whilst also being carefully watched and cared for as an individual. I am certain he is being looked after even better than if he were with me at home!  If only someone was taking such an interest in my health and supplements :-)Larri's suggestions are always thoughtful and appropriate and am happy for her to do what she thinks is right. The updates she shares on Facebook and emails are brilliant and makes him seem closer than he is. He is in excellent condition and looks incredibly happy. Thanks Larri - you've created a lovely environment for those lucky neddies 

Kirsten Zaczek

Owner of Hermine, previous livery

My thoroughbred mare stayed at Horse Haven with Larri for a year, after both horse and me moved to the UK from Sweden. When my mare arrived she was very stressed after 4 days in transit, so I decided to leave her with Larri for a while instead of carrying her off to the Midlands as originally planned. I'm very happy to have made this decision because Larri did an amazing job! She nurtured my mare back to her own good self, the horse roaming freely in a herd on enormous fields with cosy shelters, whilst Larri was keeping a close eye on her and giving me regular updates and advice on proceedings.It was also very nice to come over for a visit from time to time, where Larri has always made us feeling welcome.Recently my mare did move to join me here, and the horse that arrived was relaxed and full of confidence. The time with Larri at Horse Haven was good for her body and soul :)I would warmly recommend anyone to leave their horses in the loving care of Larri, be it for retirement or a holiday.

Lu Mond

Owner of Ginger, freelance client and Emmett Student

I feel like you have given me my dreams back, you are such an inspiration

Steph Ewart

Owner of Determinada, previous livery

Having known Larri for six years, she was the obvious person to bring on my Lusitano filly.She took her on as a weanling, cared for her, then backed and produced her until she was sold as a five year old.Larri is not only very knowlegable and experienced, but is also kind and sympathetic, especially with young horses.Nothing is ever too much trouble and she goes out of her way to ensure the horses she looks after receive the best care.I admire her belief in classical riding  - my mare certainly benefitted from this training.

Emma Bailey

From Horses to Humans

Visiting the Horse Haven was a real highlight.

The place is absolutely idyllic. Larri also walks her talk and all the horses are treated with the utmost care and ethical training - all so relaxed and happy.

I can't wait to go back!


Paul Locke & Rachel Skeffington

Brook End Farm Dressage

Larri was responsible for the day to day care of the grass livery herd at our yard Brook End Farm Dressage. after a mixed herd of youngsters and retired horses living out 24/7, Larri was always conscientous and caring. She tended to each of the liveries as if they were her own horses, going out of her way to make sure the horses needs were met on a daily basis.

Sarah Turner

Most intelligent woman working with horses, sometimes it's more about love and psychology.

John Thompson

I first met Larri back in 2005, and it soon became obvious that she not only had a passion for all things equine, but a deep respect for the horses themselves.
I would not only be happy, but proud to allow one of my horses to be tended to under her watchful eye! I only wish others shared her passion in this way.


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Here at Horse Haven we offer a completely unique and fully holistic approach to whole horse health, welfare, care and training.

Barefoot natural herd living on a full livery basis on our hybrid Track / Equicentral system at our beautiful holding in the idyllic Aeron Valley in rural mid-west Wales.

We believe we are unique in the depth of our knowledge, experience and ability to offer completely bespoke care to improve mental and emotional wellbeing as well as physical health and welfare.

The perfect environment for all horses young and old, but of particular benefit for horses with physical, behavioural or metabolic issues

Experienced in the rehabilitation and management of horses with hoof pathologies, back & lower limb strains and injuries, gut health issues / ulcers, Laminitis, EMS, Lyme disease, PSSM, PPID.

We can provide a variety of training packages all delivered force and fear free under LIMA principles by a knowledgable trainer and instructor who has studied and has many years experience in Applied Equine Behaviour

Emmett for Horses therapy is both practiced and taught here.

Set up to promote and provide quality barefoot care, offering fully supported barefoot transition assistance if required


Bitless training and transitions to bitless a speciality.

Despite the acreage available, herd numbers are kept deliberately very small to ensure that all horses receive the same love, care and attention that our own horses do - no horse is treated differently here, they all become part of our four legged family.

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