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Sue Thomas

Owner of Transcend Bitless Bridles

Larri Davison-Bowes, a fabulous horsewoman, trainer, all round lovely person, who speaks up for horses. I am proud that Larri is a trainer for Transcend, always helpful, always kind. 

Tony Sherry

Senior Emmett Instructor and Practitioner

Horse Haven run by Larri Davison-Bowes is a unique environment set in a beautiful part of Wales. Larri's hard work, passion and dedication to the horses in her care is very clear to see.

The horses are wonderful teachers who help me at every opportunity to demonstrate how effective the Emmett Technique works on them and give my students an amazing experience. The changes we have been able to make to both the horses and students has been wonderful to be a part of. 

Thank you Larri for opening your door and making me feel so welcome.

Trudi Dempsey

Current Livery - Chapiro & Moralejo

The ONLY person I would trust my boys with is Larri!

Judith Johnson

Emmett Practitioner - previous student

I feel so privileged to have been learning EMMETT for Horses at Larri Davison-Bowes’ wonderful Horse Haven Wales. This was my first ever experience of being in the same space as horses - let alone helping them overcome a range of issues. It was all made so much easier by being in beautiful and natural surroundings, with the horses being able to be themselves. 
Learning in a group with such amazing women was fantastic and with the lovely Tony Sherry as our Instructor we have enjoyed watching the changes in the horses’ reaction as well as in our own personal development.
Thank you Larri for creating such a wonderful and welcoming space for all of us

Kerrie Jones

Freelance Client, Owner of Dusty

Larri is an excellent trainer and instructor, she is kind, patient and understanding. She will break things down and explain them in a way you can understand. She actually takes the the time to teach rather than tell and brings out confidence in both horse and rider.

Her prime goal is to make sure that your horse is happy and consenting at all times, she does not advocate using fear based training or forcing a horse to perform and works with whatev