Meet the Horse Haven Team


Larri - Yard Owner / Manager & Trainer

Responsible for the management of the yard, welfare, husbandry and all training.


Hoof geek, behaviour geek and classical dressage afficionado - Horses have been her passion since before she could walk and her obsession with all things equine shows no signs of fizzling out any time soon!

With a particular affinity for the Iberian horse, Larri now owns four, looks after another four and specialises in the care and training of these sharp and sensitive horses, but equally loves being able to work with equines of all shapes and sizes.


Wanting to provide the very best - a truly holistic and ethical approach to the health, management and training of the horses in her care has meant that Larri has invested heavily in her own education and training throughout her life to provide the most comprehensive service available. 

Current endorsements

Advanced Emmett for Horses Practitioner  -

Transcend Trainer -

Non Ridden Equine Association Approved -

Concordia Professional -


 CPD 2018/2019

Natural Animal Centre – Applied Equine Behaviour, IAABC - Resolving Fear Issues in Horses, 

Horse Charming - How Animals Learn

Mel Richards, Mark Johnson & Pete Ramey – Hoof Care, Remedial trimming, Diet and Anatomy / Dissection

Bent Branderup. Katherin Branderup, Manolo Mendez, Klaus Schoeneich  

Gy - Owner & Maintenance Manager

Happiest when wielding a chainsaw or driving the tractor Gy takes great pride in improving the farm. 

He is responsible for all of the land management and equipment.

In at the deep end with Larri for the last 18 years Gy has developed a real affinity around the horses. As such he also assists in the training and handling of the horses, being a great man on the ground to support horses and humans when needed.

He enjoys hacking out whenever he gets the chance.

The Bouncers - Yard Security

Our happy pair of rescued dogs.
Teasel the Patterdale and Ella the Rottweiler can generally be found lazing around the yard and doing their very important job of sleeping on duty 

Ziggy - Lord of all he surveys

The wild child, a super sensitive Lusitano that was failed terribly by harsh methods of training and management and arrived with us a very traumatised and defensive horse.
Now thanks to herd living, shaping and +R training he is happy, sociable and relaxed.
Although now pretty much retired Ziggy likes a bit of tack free pootling, in hand clicker games and loves going for wanders in and around the forest.

Chica - The Golden Girl

Chica is a wonderfully sensitive, opinionated and yet very kind, brave and willing mare - the very epitome of a good Luso.
Arriving from Spain with minimal handling she is proving to be a super all rounder due to Larri's training. Chica enjoys long hacks exploring the hills and valleys and is our lateral work star pupil.
After we nursed Chica through severe complications following a toxic response to a pathogenic infection in summer 2019, Chica is now fully recovered and enjoying living and loving life with a local friend

RD - Yard Clown

Mr Monkey himself! 
RD  is a PRE x Shire that we've owned since he was a foal and he is the equine equivalent of a labrador puppy...loves his food, is frequently in your face and will do anything to please you (or for a treat)
RD is getting to grips with dressage schooling, is a dab hand at jumping and enjoys wandering around the hills and lanes.
He is currently enjoying himself out on loan to good friends and loving life.

Tivo - Twinkle Toes

Tivo is an absolute darling PRE who found himself in a bit of a pickle after some life changes that weren't going well - so with the amazing generosity of his owner and some help from a previous owner he came to be Larri's horse for a bit of rehab and unwinding.
Life in the herd on the track system, a transition to bitless, lots of Emmett and classical dressage schooling that's making Larri grin from ear to ear, plus wandering around the hills has transformed him.

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