To provide all the horses in our care with a safe, relaxed environment that allows them to fully experience and exhibit natural behaviours.
Specifically addressing all five recognised freedoms required for mental and physical well-being

Giving each horse the company of Friends, constant Forage and Freedom of movement are pillars of our priniciples.

To undertake all training and rehabilitation sessions in a way that the horse finds them rewarding and to be of benefit both mentally and physically.




With over 35 years of her life spent owning, loaning, working with and training horses Larri has a wealth of experience to draw on.

This knowledge has been gained during a variety of roles - from stud work (care of stallions, in foal mares and youngstock), through a number of years working on classical and competition dressage yards, at a classical riding school, teaching at a fully Bitless riding school, schooling off-season hunters, working on a natural horsemanship rehab / training yard, taking on youngsters to back and ride away and on to the rehabilitation of injured and mishandled horses, plus the care of retired horses and ponies to the end of their days.

This long and varied exposure to a variety of equine jobs along with many years following, studying the work of and attending clinics, seminars and watching lessons by many equestrians from a multitude of disciplines and ideologies enables Larri to help your young horse or to care for your injured, rescued or retired horse in ways that are effective, ethical and always with horse welfare being the main focus. 


CPD in hoof care, bodywork, husbandry, behaviour and training is undertaken every year to ensure knowledge and skills are up to date.



By offering both a multi-surfaced track system that can be utilised as a stand alone care package as well as grazing stewarded  under the gold standard Equicentral principles we are able to cater for a full variety of dietary needs and management. We can tailor packages to offer bespoke individual care to suit your horse or pony whilst still allowing them the freedom to have the company they need to thrive mentally and physically




Our aim is to produce a calm, easy to ride or handle horse that is a pleasure to be around.

A horse's education starts well before backing and we can accommodate youngsters from weaning onwards, teaching them all of the important life skills they will need prior to ridden prep when they are physically and mentally mature enough.

Working through the LIMA compliant and science based approach of shaping and positive reinforcement, we work WITH your horse to increase trust and confidence, gently expanding comfort zones and teaching them how to embrace new experiences. All training is both fear and force free.

Using a horse's innate curiosity and willingness to please allows them make progress at a pace that they are comfortable with - there are no quick fixes or gadgets, there is no rush.


This approach also works well with horses that require rehabilitation following injury or mis-handling /abuse.