Hawthorn picking, lovely Roxy self selec

Our barefoot friendly establishment is set up to allow the horses to live and socialise as a herd in a uniquely adaptable environment, whilst managing diet effectively and minimising impact on the land.

A truly holistic approach to health, wellbeing and welfare



The hardcore track, yard and barn complex is a work in progress. Every year we invest in improvements to the facilities, land and tracks. With over two miles of tracks we are one of, if not the longest in the UK

Currently we have three yard areas that can be separated, four water points, two open barns, plus four further open shelters. These allow the horses to have time out if they want to, but still see & socialise with the other horses, to come and go as they choose.   
In Autumn 2016 two new surfaced track areas were added, creating a full loop and spur of surfaced tracks which could be utilised all year round, creating mud / grass free turnout options. In Spring 2017 we created two new grass tracks which can be used independently or as part of the Equicentral transit system in the summer. In 2018, 2019 & 2020 tracks were extended and further loops of surfaced tracks were added. We now have over 2 miles of multi-surfaced tracks on varying terrain that meander through and around the fields. There is enrichment in the form of banks, tree copses, mounds and a section of river and bank for safe access, play and waterhole socialising. The tracks can used as separate loops or opened to increase distances travelled, providing the ability to offer fully bespoke options to cater for individual requirements.


Forage is fed from numerous small holed nets stationed throughout the track system to encourage as much movement as possible.


All horses are fed a premium quality hoof friendly and healthy fibre only diet - no mixes, no added sugars, no cereals. Each horse's individual requirements are assessed and a bespoke diet formulated. All horses are given a balanced mineral mix including brewers yeast and vitamin E (Track liveries only), linseed, seaweed and coconut are available for condition and good gut health. We also stock a wide variety of herbs, natural supplements and oils for gut, skin and general health support
Forage is available ad lib on the yard and track 24/7,  as are himalayan salt licks, sea salt, rock salt and mineralised licks
. We also provide free choice enhanced waters. We produce our own haylage so we have complete control over the quality, plus source from a single diverse meadow up the valley from a trusted supplier.



We have 22 acres of old established meadows for those liveries on our Equicentral package. The land is split into summer and winter grazing to allow the grass plenty of time to recover, maintenance to be undertaken and haylage to be cut. The summer paddocks are grazed, harrowed, topped and treated organically then rested for six weeks before the next grazing. The bigger winter fields are rotated monthly and in the spring they are harrowed, topped, treated and muck spread to improve soil health. There are a very wide variety of herbs, wildflowers and grasses in the ley which we regularly overseed with a non ryegrass herbal mix as part of our maintenance programme. Land is treated with manure, lime and organic seaweed - no artificial fertilisers.
We have undertaken tree planting projects in several areas and own a further 14 acres of woodland which will be added to our track system.



We have some of the best outriding in Ceredigion, with a network of quiet lanes, byways, bridleways and private forest tracks within easy reach of the yard. Horses are given the opportunity to learn to deal calmly with livestock, traffic, farm machinery, rivers, bridges and general village life as part of their education.