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Our Fully Inclusive Home From Home Care

We take great pride in not only looking after the big things in your horse's life but all the little extras too so you don’t need to worry about them! Your horse is at home with our horses and encouraged to truly be themselves, experiencing and expressing natural behaviours in a well managed domestic setting to promote good health in hooves, body and mind.

We include all field, track and yard maintenance and twice daily mucking out of tracks and barns

All daily care is included  - regular thorough checks throughout the day include rug and mask / boot checking or changing. We even provide fly masks & spray, or sun screen and skin soothing lotions as required!

Grooming is offered if your horse wants it, all minor first aid treatment and supplies are included and lots of love, care and attention are freely given.

Regular worm counts and subsequent worming (choice of herbal, homeopathic or chemical) if required is also included as are an annual dental check and basic hoof trimming by Larri.

We have an Equilibrium massage pad and magnetic boots and pad, which are free for all livery horses to use and Larri is always getting hands on with her Emmett fingers!
There are regular visits from a variety of therapists and we host Emmett training days here on the yard where your horse receives free treatment if they want it.

All extras are charged at cost and invoiced monthly. They include, but are not limited to, all vet fees and supplies inc. annual vaccinations, remedial dental treatments and remedial trimming or farriery work, additional therapy treatments by outside practitioners, any specialist feed or additional supplementation and treatments for ongoing ailments or conditions.

We include minor rug repairs and they can also be washed and proofed at cost.


What better way of saying thank you to your cherished horse who has given you years of enjoyment and pleasure than to provide them with a happy secure retirement where they are loved for the special individual they are and their every need is met by caring experienced professionals?


At Horse Haven we have many years experience in caring for horses young and old whose ridden lives have come to an end, yet have many years left to enjoy.
With current retirees from 10 – 28 years old we understand that they all have very individual requirements and our unique set up of a fully adaptable combination of track and Equicentral packages enables us to offer a bespoke service to cater for specific needs - be they mechanical, metabolic or age related.

Elderly horses often require specialist feed and husbandry and with our long experience and hands on knowledge we are able to offer complete care until the end of their lives. 

When the time comes we are on hand to offer both owner and horse as much support as needed. We have all the information you may need to make an informed choice and can assist with all arrangements.

Full Track Livery

The perfect solution for horses with special dietary and metabolic health needs – EMS, Laminitis prone, grass sensitive, PSSM etc.
Tracked Horses live as a group on our central yards, plus our extensive multi surface track system that consists of a series of loops that meander through different areas of the 22 acre farm giving access to varied terrain and many enrichment opportunities. 

The herd have access to banks, ditches, tree copses, mounds, river bank, logs for clambering and exploring and numerous hedgerows and verges for browsing and dietary enrichment. We are extending the tracks this summer meaning even greater exploration, movement and enrichment opportunities
When it is safe to do so we also allow all horses time out in selected paddocks to run and play as a group which is crucial for mental and physical wellbeing. This is very carefully assessed and monitored.


The price for this fully inclusive package is £400 per calendar month

Full Equicentral Livery

Our Equicentral livery package is based on the ethos of safer grass, good land stewardship and gold standard horse husbandry – our paddocks and fields are well managed and rotated weekly in summer to ensure they are not over grazed. Our larger winter fields are rotated monthly.

The Equicentral herd spend time split between grazing the herbal leys and swards of natural meadow grasses and joining our specially designed track system, yard complex and lounging areas to promote movement, natural herd behaviour and improve hoof health. 


The price for this fully inclusive package is £340 per calendar month 


To keep herd disruptions to a minimum and to allow time for settling in, the shortest term we can accept horses for is three months.

As we are set up to promote good hoof health we ask that all horses are barefoot during their stay. Although horses are generally very relaxed here as it is a well managed environment with plenty of space and resources, accidents can happen even during play, so hind shoes MUST be removed prior to arrival.

Fronts can be removed once here and we are happy to assist and support your horse though their barefoot transition.

We welcome owners to come and visit during your horse's stay with us, there are numerous B&Bs locally and being situated between the Cambrian mountains and beautiful Ceredigion coast there are plenty of lovely places to see nearby.



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Our new website is under construction - unfortunately  we are unable to alter the content of some pages, so information regarding pricing and services is out of date. Please message for further details.

Here at Horse Haven we offer a completely unique and fully holistic approach to whole horse health, welfare, care and training.

Barefoot natural herd living on a full livery basis on our hybrid Track / Equicentral system at our beautiful holding in the idyllic Aeron Valley in rural mid-west Wales.

We believe we are unique in the depth of our knowledge, experience and ability to offer completely bespoke care to improve mental and emotional wellbeing as well as physical health and welfare.

The perfect environment for all horses young and old, but of particular benefit for horses with physical, behavioural or metabolic issues

Experienced in the rehabilitation and management of horses with hoof pathologies, back & lower limb strains and injuries, gut health issues / ulcers, Laminitis, EMS, Lyme disease, PSSM, PPID.

We can provide a variety of training packages all delivered force and fear free under LIMA principles by a knowledgable trainer and instructor who has studied and has many years experience in Applied Equine Behaviour

Emmett for Horses therapy is both practiced and taught here.

Set up to promote and provide quality barefoot care, offering fully supported barefoot transition assistance if required


Bitless training and transitions to bitless a speciality.

Despite the acreage available, herd numbers are kept deliberately very small to ensure that all horses receive the same love, care and attention that our own horses do - no horse is treated differently here, they all become part of our four legged family.

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