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Horse Haven Training Videos

Here are a selection of clips showing the work we've done with young horses over the years

Hacking Ziggy

Second hack out off lead rein

Backing Bailarina

Ballys introduction to ridden work

Dee's First Hack

Out off road on Dee for the first time

Schooling Bailarina

Six months under saddle

Chica's First Hack

Riding on the lanes for the first time

Schooling Chica

Sixth ride under saddle

RD Tries Jumping

First time ridden over some small jumps

Ziggy Bitless Schooling

A rare training session with Ziggy

Ziggy Agility
Riding Zig around our mini Working Equitation course


Our new website is under construction - unfortunately  we are unable to alter the content of some pages, so information regarding pricing and services is out of date. Please message for further details.

Here at Horse Haven we offer a completely unique and fully holistic approach to whole horse health, welfare, care and training.

Barefoot natural herd living on a full livery basis on our hybrid Track / Equicentral system at our beautiful holding in the idyllic Aeron Valley in rural mid-west Wales.

We believe we are unique in the depth of our knowledge, experience and ability to offer completely bespoke care to improve mental and emotional wellbeing as well as physical health and welfare.

The perfect environment for all horses young and old, but of particular benefit for horses with physical, behavioural or metabolic issues

Experienced in the rehabilitation and management of horses with hoof pathologies, back & lower limb strains and injuries, gut health issues / ulcers, Laminitis, EMS, Lyme disease, PSSM, PPID.

We can provide a variety of training packages all delivered force and fear free under LIMA principles by a knowledgable trainer and instructor who has studied and has many years experience in Applied Equine Behaviour

Emmett for Horses therapy is both practiced and taught here.

Set up to promote and provide quality barefoot care, offering fully supported barefoot transition assistance if required


Bitless training and transitions to bitless a speciality.

Despite the acreage available, herd numbers are kept deliberately very small to ensure that all horses receive the same love, care and attention that our own horses do - no horse is treated differently here, they all become part of our four legged family.

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